Test env

We can create a testnet wallet for you.

The wallet info will be available within the tx History panel (bottom right button)

Faucet link gives you free testnet tokens

Smart Tickets, Smart Events.

Manage your event ticketing with Blockchain technology. Enjoy free setup, no hidden fees for your customers, decentralized registry.

Why choose Blockchain technology:

Create your event and its tickets with no upfront cost!

However, a small fee will be required to execute each transaction. These include: create an event, create a ticket tier, edit a ticket tier, cancel the event, buy tickets...

The fee is always 0.001 WAVES, or 0.005 WAVES for smart accounts (practically zero).

(WAVES current price @ coinmarketcap)

To create an event you need:

A WAVES wallet, with at least 0.001 WAVES

Wakes.Keeper browser extension (download here)

Attendees will pay only the price you set for the tickets.

We charge no hidden fees, apart from the ones necessary to execute the transactions in the WAVES blockchain, which is 0.001 WAVES, or 0.005 WAVES for smart accounts (practically zero).

Once the event is finished, we take a 5% commision on the withdrawal of the total funds you made.

All the information is recorded in the WAVES blockchain. (click here to see Waves Block Explorer)

This means that secure funds and payments, refund mechanism and all escrow securities are a core part of Smart Tickets

It also means that all available information, tickets, purchases and prices will be encoded into the blockchain



Check the information button, it has very useful information


You can find: Error log History, Wallet Manager, Transaction History

For Producers

Event Creator

The wallet you use to create the Event will be your Producer Wallet. This is the only wallet that will have all the necessary permissions.

You will also be given an Event ID, we recomend you save this ID.

Event Editor

Once you have created your Event and its tickets, you can edit the supply of these tickets, and cancel the event at any time.


A few hours prior to the event, you can start to checkin your attendees.

For this you will need a small supply of WAVES: each checkin will be a transaction on the blockchain, in order to secure the persistance of the data (no using the same ticket twice!)

Checkin can be performed only once per ticket, only by the Producer Wallet.

For Attendees

Buy Tickets

The tickets you buy are stored securely in the blockchain, until you checkin or you refund them. They will be associated with the wallet you use to execute the purchase, so bring the wallet to the Event checkin!

My Tickets

You can check the tickets you have bought with your wallet, and refund any valid tickets.